Best Colored Pencils For Beginners to Expert Artists


Some people love to sleep in their free time, some want to learn new skills, and some want to rehearse what they have learned! Isn’t that correct?

But, can you guess what drawing artists do in their free time?

There is no need to go away and think or like that hard nut to crack. We have seen some professional drawing artists who love to search the market for the “Best Colored Pencils” in their free time.

The best-colored pencils help them layer up their drawing skills. Also, greater freedom of drawing and bringing out the best artistic version of yourself is possible using a colored pencil or map pencil.

Along with that, you can perform various tasks such as shading, cross-hatchings, hatching, rubbing, and more effortlessly. That means choosing the best colored pencils is of immense value for your style of drawing and approach.

Thus, below is the list of the best colored pencils for beginners and expert artists from us. You can try them to make your art more intense, meaningful, and engaging. But before we go further, we would like to have your attention on short information related to them. So, please take a look before our journey starts.

What is a color pencil?

Colored pencils are different from regular graphite and charcoal pencils. It contains a diverse proportion of binding agents, pigments, and additives. Also, the cores are made up of wax or oil-based particles.

Therefore, many types of colored pencils are available on the markets, like wax, oil-based, water-soluble, pastel, and more. But remember that professional colored pencils are made differently, containing a minor binder and high pigment.

The higher pigment is helpful for colored pencils to make the color more vibrant. This means an artist can create an attractive piece of art and showcase it to others using them. Also, these pencils help create expressive, detailed, abstract, and photorealistic skills. Besides that, they are remarkable for detailing and controlling your art piece.

So, would you like to switch on the colored pencils and avoid so-called charcoal pencils for artwork?

In our opinion, you should do that if you want to be a professional artist and enhance your art skills. So, now is the time to give you more information on how it is made?

How is it made?

The colored pencils are made of a wood casing with a wax or oil-based interior. And after that, they mixed pigment with water and bonding agents to make the rainbow colors. Remember that they avoid the use of graphite in colored pencils. Therefore, you should check the following points, which should be included in the colored pencil before buying.

  • The colored pencils should have a stunning and expressive range of colors.
  • Ensure that the colors are the same as shown on the cover.
  • It should be smooth to use and flow in writing well.
  • It should suit your hand (not too heavy and not too light).

When you find all of the above qualities, then don’t make further delay in purchasing it.

15 Best Colored Pencils For Seasoned or Beginner Artists

Now it’s time to start your journey with us on the best colored pencils from below. There are many colored pencils available, but the following have all the qualities mentioned above, and hence we have included them here. So, let’s see them one by one.

1. Prisma color Premier Soft Core Pencils

Prisma color color pencils are the most famous and ideal for beginners and coloring books. They are soft, smooth, and available at an affordable cost of $55.99. The soft wax is used to make Prisma color premier soft core pencils, and they mix up nicely with a buttery application.

It is thoroughly gorgeous, rich, and exciting to make your artwork lovable. We want to add one more thing about Prisma color for its appreciation. A few Prisma color pencils users since the late ‘80s say, “it must be added to your arsenal of art tools, and these are creamy and wonderful.”

So, when you have a new coloring book or want to create something new, you can try this one.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

2. Tombow Colored Pencil Set

If you are looking for another set of colored pencils for simple coloring, then Tombow is the best choice. It is also suitable for beginners and experts to create anything they desire. People want colored pencils mostly to bring out the best in their artwork. Isn’t that correct?

So, Tombow stands there to help you bring out the best in your piece of art. A set of 36-color pencils comes in a 3mm core inside cedar casings. Also, this set is available at only $33.98 and offers a thick lead for precise details and sharp lines.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

3. Blick Studio Artists’ Colored Pencils

America has many of the most significant art supply stores. One of them invented their color pencils with the guidance of artists from the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA).

Therefore, Blick Studio Artists’ colored pencils have professional quality at a reasonable price range of $1.99 to 78.99 only. It is soft yet durable, and you will indeed enjoy using it because of its intense pigment and rich colors.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

4. Fantasia Colored Pencils

Beginners can rely on Fantasia to get into colored pencils without spending much money. Their facilities like blendable core and extra-thickness make the pencil perfect for layering and blending.

You can even gift this to your child on a birthday if they are fond of colored pencils. Like you love the other brands like Prisma color pencils, you can love such pencils. The set of 36 pencils is available for $22.96 only.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

5. Arteza Professional Wax-Based Core Pencils

Give way to the artist’s favorite set of Arteza professional was-based core pencils, a set of soft and wax-based core pencils. These professional quality pencils are available at an affordable price range of $35.99.

The set of 48 pencils helps you increase the adorn of your artwork and leaves a memorable impact on the audience. It comes with a classy look and is very suitable at such a price range. So, grab this one and start showing off your drawing skills.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

6. Faber-Castell Polychromos Color Pencils

Are you especially searching for smudge-proof and water-resistant color pencils? Then we would like to suggest this Faber-Castell pack of 24 color pencils at an affordable price of $32.88 only.

It offers excellent light fastness with high-quality, acid-free pigments. You can get a thick 3.8mm inside with the high break resistance feature. Also, the wooden barrels are secured by water-based “eco” varnish. These pencils are available in a wide range of pack sizes in marketplaces starting from 12 to 120 and more.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

7. Shuttle Art Soft Core Color Pencil Set

You don’t need fancy color pencils but are searching for good, reliable pencils. Then you must see the pack of “Shuttle Art Soft Core Colored Pencil Set” of 172 colored pencils. You can use them for regular or day-to-day use because they are premium quality wood.

These pencils are 3mm thick and come with a durable, break-resistant interior. And although they have numbers and color names on the side of the pencil, they are affordable at only $25.49. Also, there are four individual trays available to pack with a cardboard box, which is ideal for storing.

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8. Derwent Coloursoft Coloring Pencils

Most beginners start with creating either landscapers or still-life drawings; here are some fantastic color pencils. Derwent’s Coloursoft Coloring Pencils are an ideal choice coming with a variety-soft interior and 4mm thickness. You can sharpen these colored pencils as per your desire, and these are highly blendable too.

Therefore, these are the best choices for the variety of the assignments, and that’s why we have included them here. These are available in various boxes as per the range of pencils starting from the sixth to seventy-two. You can either buy it for yourself or give it to someone and improve their drawing skills at only $52.59.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

9. Castle Arts Coloured Pencils

Castle Arts are one of the best brands available in the world of color pencils today. These are the high-rated choice for layering, blending, and coloring your piece of art. Also, you can use them for an extended period because they remain sharper for a long span than any other color pencils.

Furthermore, Castle Arts offers a tutorial on drawing the picture and comes in secured fabric zip-around. You don’t have to waste your time searching for the color you want for your art piece because all colors are displayed clearly. So, remember that these colored pencil options cannot be beaten by anyone, even if there is cut-throat competition. Plus, they are affordable too at $39.99 only.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

10. Monarch Premium Grade Black Widow Coloured Pencils

You may have to face this issue of lead breaking again and again. Didn’t you? At this point, we can rely on the Monarch Premium Grade Black Widow Coloured Pencils. These pencils come with fine points that don’t break even if you sharpen them. The leads are not thicker than 3.3mm, and you can complete your artwork with comfort.

Also, the hexagonal shape is created considering your hands’ comfort. These pencils are blendable because of the “spider black” finishing for their premium appearance. So, it won’t slip from your hands when you are working on some intense project or art piece. The rich pigment is used to provide a waxy finishing with deep color.

The most significant loophole is that it only offers the complete pencil set of 48. However, the best part is that these all are a range of selected colors only. That means you can give your artwork a rich and realistic look and are available for $29.57 only.

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11. Magicfly Coloured Pencils

Magicfly is known for its famous pack of 72 colored pencils. You will get the 3mm core thickness with sharpening comfort and durability. Instead of an electric sharpener, it would be better to use a manual sharpener. A tin box case is provided with colored pencils to strap and secure the pencils while allowing you to pick up the right color.

They also provide paintbrushes, but they are of average quality. So, you can use better quality brushes for your paintings if you want. Further, Magicfly Colored Pencils’ number and color name are stamped on the outer space. It comes with vibrant pigments, which keeps blending and layering easy at the rate of $22.99 only. They offer a set of watercolor pencils too.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

12. Cretacolor Mega Coloured Pencils

Another best brand to be included in this list is cretacolor mega colored pencils. A set of 34 color pencils that add spice to your artwork and attract art lovers. It comes with an extra thickness of 6.4mm core for broad strokes.

Artists can enjoy the perfect layering and blend with its waxy formations. Also, these come with high pigmentations because these are created for all skill levels artists from beginners to experts. These pencils come in 36 colors at $52.98 only and are available in various sets.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

13. Caran D’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils

When it comes to painting or drawing with vibrant fan color pencils, Caran D’ache luminance colored pencils are the best! The best part of these pencils is that they are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Along with that, these are known for their perfect blending abilities. Many enjoy the Caran D’ache because of its easy and beautiful brightening hues. These are the best pencils to create a real piece of art as it helps to improve three-dimensional forms.

So, if you want to have a set of best-colored pencils or less expensive ones, you can try this one. It comes with various boxes that will lower your expenses by garnishing coloring skills for only $42.00 only.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

14. Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils

Many choose Lyra Rembrandt for graphics, art, and design abilities. It comes with a metal box container to protect pencils from outer harm and keep them safe. With its water-resistant, lightfast, brilliant performance for your drawings, it becomes beneficial to use.

The smooth lead allows you to create any artwork to impress your friends and families. The price range is also affordable and available only at $73.98. As a result, it should be on your buying list of necessary items for drawings.

But, remember one thing, only a severe and curious artist who loves to draw should buy it from the store. It is because using such a pencil for beginners can be tricky. So, use them with extra caution.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

15. Holbein Artists’ Colored Pencils

This is the last but not least colored pencils brand on our list. The Holbein artists’ colored pencils are demanded mainly by professionals or experts because the Holbein makes excellent pigments, premium-quality pencils, and provides ease of use.

Also, using the set of 150 color pencils is still a dream for many color pencil enthusiasts. It comes with a case that consists of three utensils rows in a rainbow of different colors. Even though these pencils are expensive, they are worth buying because of their quality and lush application. A set of pencils will cost you around $450, but its quality is worth the price.

Where To Buy –  Click Here

That’s all! After researching here and there, we have mentioned the best colored pencils in this blog post to give you the top list.


First, congratulations because you know about the best colored pencils to choose from. These are most desirable, easy to use, and readily available in the market. Apart from the Prisma color colored pencils, they are famous for their different abilities. And every artist knows about Prisma color that doesn’t need any introduction.

Also, if you move further towards the Caran D’ache, you will know that this is also better and worth buying. However, when making your art realistic, intense, natural, and flowing, all of the above are worth buying. Still, if you want to split them, we would like to suggest the following pencils.

  • Prisma color Color Pencil
  • Arteza Professional Wax-Based Core Pencils
  • Castle Arts Coloured Pencils
  • Magicfly Coloured Pencils
  • Caran D’Ache Luminance Colored Pencil

So, these are our suggestions. But, you can choose any one of the above-colored pencils, as they are perfect for use in their places.

In the end, we hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. So, we will see you with another blog and other best things. Till then, stay happy and enjoy your drawing with the above-colored pencils.