19 Types Of Watches That Must Need In Your Watch Collection


Today we have mobile phones to check the time, but still, most people prefer to wear watches. It enlightens the wearer’s personality and gives a stylish look. Most people have a habit of collecting different types of watches according to events.

However, collecting watches is an overwhelming job as the market is full of different styles, shapes, brands, and features. All these things are enough to confuse a person.

Are you also going through the same dilemma?

You are not alone; most people face the same problem and end up picking up a watch that does not include all the features they want. Or get a totally different type of watch.

To solve your problem to some extent, we have researched the different types of watches and came up with a list of Common 19 Watch Types.

This list will help both men and women to understand the types of watches and the type they should have for themselves. Men will love this list as men do not have many options to dress up well, and having the right type will definitely give a boost to their persona.

Basic Types Of Watches (Must Add To Complete Your Watch Collection)

1. Solar Watches

Solar Watches

Are you looking for unique watches for men? You should try solar watches as they are eco-friendly yet stylish. The best part of solar watches is that they have the ability to charge themselves from all types of lights, natural or artificial. In contrast, they run on quartz timekeeping. 

If you want your solar watch to run for a longer time, you must charge it fully, and it can last between two to ten months, depending on the light source you used for charging. 

What makes the solar watches better than quartz watches is their replacement of the cumbersome battery. It runs on a rechargeable cell, having a lifetime of 10 years.

You’ll get several options in solar watches to suit your classy to festive attire. Not to mention wild solar watches. You can use this type while going for a hike or any other adventure. 

Most collections of solar watches come from Japan as it has the best creators like Citizen, Seiko, and Casio.  

Anyone can have this watch on their wrist as the price is accessible, $300 to $500. For a quality watch, this price is quite fair.

You must have the best solar watches: Citizen Corso Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch and Solios – The Solar White

2. Military Watch

Military Watch

The main purpose of military watches, or we can say field watches, is to show time in worst to worst situations. They are designed in such a way that they stay protected from mud, dirt, wetness, and other conditions. They do not include any fancy features but are effective in use. 

Having not many fancy features does not make military watches less attractive. You’ll find many brands that produce stylish yet good-looking military watches that last for a longer period.

Military watch dials are easily readable in low light or night conditions. For this, they include a high-contrast dark dial along with white numbers; it looks super cool.

The best brands to get the Best Military Watches are Luminox and Suunto

3. Skeleton Watch

Skeleton Watch

On the list of unique types of watches for men, Skeleton Watch tops the list. As the name suggests, it shows the inner elements, giving you an idea of its mechanism. It’s like you are seeing the masterpiece happening in front of your eyes. 

You can see all the inner gears and wheels from the back and front sides. Even though the small cut, half of the inside mechanism is visible. 

These Skeleton watch types look exceptionally creative and stylish. Many brands got inspired by this look, and as of now, they are focusing on creating extra classy skeleton watches.  

You have two options; manual mechanical and automatic movements. As per your choice, you can have any one of them. 

In my opinion, you should definitely try out Bulova Maquina and Bulova BVA Series.

4. Digital Watch

Digital Watch

A digital watch is a straightforward watch that shows time and other information in numerical digits, unlike analog and chronograph watches. Having such direct manufacturing makes it less expensive than other watches on the market.

The demand for digital watches has decreased to some extent in the past years. But as there is a saying, “old is gold”, many big personalities still have a craze for vintage-looking digital watches.

Many sports and smartwatches come into the category of a digital watch, having additional measurement features like heart rate, distance, and temperature. 

My personal favorite is Casio G-Shock (GWM5610-1) when it comes to digital watches.

The popular brands Rip Curl and Nixon are the producers of digital watches, and the majority of the collection gives us a retro feeling. Their main branding goes around how stylish the digital watches look.

5. Automatic Watch

Automatic Watch

An automatic watch is also known as a self-winding watch. It is made up of mechanical parts having the same principles as a mechanical caliber. But it includes the spinning rotor that gets the natural motions from the wearer’s wrist and winds the mainspring to continue working.

So, the fact is that it is still made up of mechanically moving parts, losing some pace similar to manual mechanical watches.

In comparison with quartz calibers, automatic watches are pretty accurate in showing time. Automatic watches deserve an appreciation for producing such a masterpiece. 

Many automatic watches are present in the market, such as Seiko SNK809, Invicta 8928, etc. So as per your choice, you are free to pick your favorite one.

6. Quartz Watch

Quartz Watch

In terms of accuracy and price, one can not deny the fact that the Quartz watch is grabbing attention. They use an electronic circuit, regulated by a quartz crystal, to keep with an accurate time. A crystal inside the circuit produces a signal and precise frequency. On the other hand, the battery is responsible for producing the power source.

But the only concern here is that you need to change the quartz watch’s battery every 2 to 3 years. The first Quartz was produced by Seiko in 1969. Since then and now, many things have changed in Quartz watches, like they have become compact and inexpensive.

From the time Quartz watches came into existence, they had become the talk of the watch industry, resulting in many revolutions. So, if you want to try out any of the Quartz watches, you’d check out Tissot PR 100 Sport Chic and Casio G-Shock GWM5610.

7. Analog Watch

Analog Watch

Every watch collection enthusiast should have an analog watch in their collection. Basically, analog watches look like a traditional clock face. Just like traditional clocks, it also has a minute and hour hand. In some cases, it has a second hand and date window as well.

It is well suited for formal attire as it does not include any entertaining features. Due to this, it costs you less.  

So, if you are a person who loves simplicity and verismo, you will love analog watches. 

The best to try out is Titan Autumn-Winter 19

8. Dive Watch

Dive Watch

Nowadays, almost every other watch has a water-resistant feature. But diving watches are specially made for underwater activities. It works best up to 1000 ft, i.e., 300 m. Dive watch can survive in rigorous conditions that you can not get from a simple water-resistant watch.

Dive watches handle the water pressure as their construction is very tough. They have rubber seals around the crown that provide a shield to the opening, and it even includes the screwable crown that gives further resistance.  

The best features you’ll get in a dive watch are a longer band, a rotating bezel, and luminous hands. A longer band is used to fit over a diving suit. A rotating bezel rotates in one direction. Luminous hands and indices work best in terms of readability.

The Best Dive Watches to try out are LIV GX-Diver’s 41mm and DELMA Cayman.

A dive watch is not limited to underwater activities only. They look stylish and elegant; they suit different attires. So, one can wear it wherever they want.

9. Mechanical Watch

Mechanical Watch

Mechanical watches depend entirely on the clockwise mechanism to calculate the tick away time, and it is operated by the mainspring, requiring periodic attention. 

You might have observed that mechanical movement watches make the ticking sound just like your grandmother’s old watch. And that ticking sound still gives me goosebumps. 

Intricate moving gears and spiraling springs attract the most buyers. Those buyers have their artistic reasons to buy this ultimate craftsmanship.

People are less inclined to buy mechanical watches with passing the time as they are not as accurate as other mentioned types, like electronic quartz pieces.

However, many companies produce mechanical watches as many classy people are interested in such masterpieces. 

Wearing it will definitely add class to your persona. So, trying FB-01 Automatic Smoke Stainless Steel Watch and Townsman Automatic Leather will be an absolute choice.

10. Chronograph Watch

The dial’s stylish look and the stopwatch function are the primary reasons behind the popularity of chronograph watches amongst people. Usually, Chronograph watches are costly compared to analog watches, but many of them are affordable and will cost you less than $500. Sounds like a good deal?

Predominantly, Chronograph watches come with two to three smaller round dials having two pushers. The first pusher is at 2 o’clock and another at 4 o’clock. 

Normal dials show the hour, minutes, and seconds hands. But in more advanced watches, you will get to see even the fractions of a second hand. Further, it has buttons; with their help, you can on, off, and reset the measure.

As per my research, these are the best styles of Chronograph watches – Fossil Chronograph Men’s Watch.

If you are bored of your watch collection, adding a Chronograph watch to it will indeed add value.

11. Tourbillon Watch

Tourbillon Watch

You certainly have seen many wonders, but have you seen Tourbillon watches? The Tourbillon watch is a perfect definition of craftsmanship and virtuosity. 

Primarily, it was designed to enhance movement’s accuracy. Due to its rich design, it became a huge success, but later on, it was only known for its piece of art.

In French, Tourbillon means a whirlwind, including a balance wheel and an escapement in a miniature cage. Further, these types of watches have a continuous whirling motion that shows the accurate time by minimizing the errors. Another reason behind its popularity.

As you can see, it looks rich in design, and to design such a masterpiece takes months.

The prices vary depending upon your selection of a brand. If you buy it from Switzerland, be ready to make a big hole in your pocket. In contrast, you can have it at an affordable price from the emergence of Chinese affordable tourbillon watches. 

You can opt for Stuhrling Original, known for selling tourbillons at a low price for a more reasonable cost. Check EARNSHAW it is a perfect tourbillon watch.

12. Field Watch

Field Watch

Field watch is another type of military watch. These types of watches came into existence, during the warning periods of WWI and WWII, the field watches were worn by the army men. 

The field watch was designed to face extreme situations and guide the wearer about the exact time; as a result, its structure is robust. The popular field watch is Citizen Eco-Drive

It is advised to wear field watches during sturdy outdoor activities. 

13. Moon Phase Watch

Moon Phase Watch

Have you ever heard about the watch tracking and displaying the phases of the moon? 

Well, the Moon phase watch does exactly the same. But the best thing about this watch is its visual representation of the moon on its dial. 

The Moon phase watch includes the classic blue-yellow coloring that defines the various phases of the moon. New moon, full moon, waxing, waning, and other phases.

Most importantly, Moon Phase Watches come under the sleek style category. Being a man, you do not have many accessory choices, so it is better to add this classy on your wrist and level up your look.

Undoubtedly, Moon Phase Watch has genuine moon phase complications, but it also comes in a less complex version and is a Sun and Moon indicator.

The latter one is better than the original as it keeps us updated with the shift between days and nights. 

It shows the Sun at the top center position in the afternoon time, and at midnight the Moon switches the spot with the Sun. 

The most stylish moon phase watches are Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moonphase Tourbillon and Hermès Arceau Grande Lune.

14. Pilot Watch

Pilot Watch

If you are thinking these types of watches are only for pilots, hold your horses here. Non arguably, it has unique features that are valuable for pilots, but anyone can wear it in their routine life. 

The pilot watch has everything, look, style, design, and distinctive features that any watch lover can not take their eyes off. Plus, the aviation watches have big-sized cases; you can say that aviation watches are the reason behind the trend of big-sized cases.

The idea of pilot watches comes from military watches as pilots need to keep track of time attentively just like army people.

Most pilot watches have an inbuilt compass and a tachymeter, which helps pilots in case of an emergency. For a clear view in the dark, the dial is big in size, having glowing hands.

Want more features? You can look for vintage pilot watches as they come with considerable timepiece hands, apparently observable digits, and a simple yet stylish design. 

The best manufacturer of pilot watches is Torgoen, a US-based company that produces innumerable pilot watches. 

The pilot attire becomes even more attractive when he puts on the right watch, something like a Breitling Exospace B55.

15. Kinetic Watch

Kinetic Watch

Kinetic watch look is awesome and cool among other types of watches. It is best for office person. These Types of watches work similarly to solar watches as they also have the same enduring rechargeable battery, running on quartz watches. 

But it does not take energy from light. Instead, it takes fuel from the wearer and charges itself. Yes, it works like automatic watches. 

As it possesses both automatic and quartz movements, also called auto-quarts. Presently, the sole producer of kinetic watches is Seiko. So, if you search for a kinetic watch, the results you’ll get are a handful.

The Kinetic Watch is perfect for those people who don’t like to follow trends. SEIKO Coutura Men Maroon Analogue Watch requires your attention.

16. ABC Watches

ABC Watches

Do you know what ABC stands for? A – Altimeter, B – Barometer, and C – Compass. A perfect watch for backpackers, mountaineers, and trekkers having the rich functions of an ideal watch. 

The ABC watch can read the barometric pressure; as a result, it can estimate the imprecise altitude. 

The icing on the cake, there is no better guide if you add a digital compass to it. It will give you precise direction making ABC watches an absolute fit for outdoor activities. 

The other feature you get with ABC watches is a temperature reader, ranging between 14F to 140F (-10C to 60C).

Usually, all ABC watches consist of a digital display to show all the data in an apple pie order. 

Garmin Instinct Solar, Suunto Core, and Garmin Fenix 6 Pro are popular ABC Watches. 

17. Dress Watch

Dress Watch

Dress watches are simple among all types of watches. These watches are mainly designed to match up with several smart classes and getups. So, they are designed in a graceful yet straightforward manner. 

As a result, dress watches are less extravagant, having single-colored analog dials. They have less advanced features making them a perfect match for dress wristwear. 

Dress watches are slim in size as they can not hide in a dress sleeve. White-collar workers and businessmen prefer dress watches as their profession requires a class look. 

Typically, people have a collection of different bands to match up with occasion-wise outfits. The best ones are Nordgreen Native, Junghans Meister Handaufzug.

18. Atomic Watch

Atomic Watch

Doubtless, you have heard about the GPS-enabled watches receiving precise time through satellites. The only difference with the atomic watches is they use radio waves to measure the exact time.

Timekeeping in Atomic Watch is based on a quartz signal, but it also has a unique receiver that provides exact time than any other types mentioned in the list. 

The popular manufacturers of Atomic watches are Seiko, Citizen, and Casio. They offer various designs at an affordable cost. 

However, the atomic watch is fading into the shadow of GPS-controlled classic watches. 

Invicta Automatic Pro is the best pick for Atomic Watch.

19. GMT Watches

GMT Watches

GMT, a Greenwich Mean Time. What makes it different from other types is its fourth hand. A normal watch contains three hands, second, minute, and hour hands, but it has a fourth hand.

The fourth hand rotates individually from the rest three, and it rotates around the face once every 24 hours. 

The other benefit you’ll get here is a rotating bezel that you can use to set different time zones. This way, you can stay updated with your overseas friends’ and families’ time zones. 

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950, Baume & Mercier Clifton are the Best GMT Watches. 


Now, you have a list of the types of watches you can add to your collection and make your collection richer than ever. 

We have mentioned different types, with their movements, display options, and professional-suited watches to make your selection process easier.

You can pick any one of them as per your personality, test, and lifestyle. The choice is yours!

My personal favorites are military watches, dress watches, tourbillon watches, and skeleton watches.

Which types do you have? Or what type do you like the most? Let us know your favorite ones in the comment section below.