Bulgari’s Octo Finissimo Ultra – World’s Thinnest Mechanical Watch


Do you love watches? Of Course, you love them. And when it comes to the mechanical watch,  you go beyond and search for your favorite brand. Isn’t that correct?  

Well, if you are a watch lover, you must have heard about the Bulgari watches. Bulgari is one of the finest brands for watches and recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of its most-wanted Octo Collections. 

On this occasion, they introduced the world’s thinnest mechanical chronometer “Bulgari’s Octo Finissimo Ultra”, which is just 1.80 MM thick. Can you imagine that?

You are still in awe, aren’t you? 

But that’s true, and it has become a record holder watch now. Believe it or not, it is the 8th world record for “Bulgari Watches,” showing its prosperity and goodwill. So, are you excited to know what makes the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra so special? 

So, we are here to provide the complete details on that watch. However, you should know about the following essential things. Without wasting time, let’s get started. 

What is a Mechanical Watch?

mechanical watch

Its use a clockwork machine to estimate the passage of time. It is opposite to quartz watches that work electronically through a battery. And radio watches that are quartz coincide with an atomic clock radio watch.

But, the making of this Octo Finissimo Ultra is a bit different. So, let’s have a look. 

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra is a mechanical watch that took three years for watch design only. It further comes with a bimetal case, a middle primary plate-case back with eight pattern applications, and many exciting features. 

Therefore, Bulgari has now become the record-breaker in the watchmaking field. It is a 1.8 mm watch thicker than a nickel, and there is something more you should know about this record-breaking watch.

This Bvlgari watch comes with a case in the 40 mm size regular of the collection. It is crafted of titanium and shows a name through its octagonal shape. 

The middle part, bezel, lugs, and back are made up of tungsten carbide to make a stable height of 1.8 mm. On top of that, the front is protected by the sapphire crystal. 

So, let’s take a quick walk on how it works from the following.

How Does It Work?

mechanical watch view

First, a mechanical watch is less correct than a quartz watch. The best chronometer are under some accuracy but still can lose 5-10 seconds a day. So, let’s take a deep dive into how a mechanical automatic watch works. And for that, we have to go through a few core mechanisms. 

Core Mechanisms

mechanical watch belt

You may have seen many watches of different brands and different mechanisms. They use their personal touch of mechanisms to make that watch more precious as per user watch taste. However, in all mechanical automatic watches, watchmakers use a few core mechanisms. Even in a new edition of a Bulgari Watch, they have used the same core mechanism.

1. Mainspring

Most mechanical watches depend on their essential piece, Mainspring. It connects with the winding pin feather at the core and the mainspring barrel on the outside, moving independently. Therefore, the Mainspring is fixed gently in the Bulgari watch like Octo Finissimo Ultra.

2. Wheel Train

The wheel train is the set of interlocking gears that allows the horology hands and wheels to run. The main wheel runs at the mainspring barrel force, rounding entirely once an hour. This is how the minute hand works for a mechanical watch. So, here comes the third wheel next to the main wheel to the fourth wheel. 

It is mainly used for the rotation once per minute and powers the second hand. Every gear connects a central rod with an artificial jewel bearing to lower friction and wear. And Bulgari considers the same process. 

3. Balance Wheel 

Balance wheels integrate the hairspring to oscillate back and forth and click the baler fork in place. The mainspring provides the force to escape the wheel, pushing the baler fork to brush up the balance wheel. All this appears in a few seconds. This wheel is also appropriately maintained in this Bulgari watch. 

4. Time Setting and Winding

A difference between a quartz watch and a mechanical Bvlgari watch is the need to wind the watch now and after. You only need the crown, motion works, and supporting structure for time setting and winding. 

5. Crown Assembly

Another essential piece for making the mechanical watch better is the Crown Assembly. It helps you make contact between the hands of the wearer and the inner workings of the watch. It is linked to the stem of the winding and can handle deciding lengths for different settings. 

6. Motion Works

Motion works appear right next to the main wheel, and this is another expert gear set that offers the other functions. It allows the watch hands to go around to the expected time settings. 

7. Supporting Structure 

The supporting structure involves the different metal places mainly shaped to hold the various components in place; such supportive structures are available in Bulgari Watches like Octo Series.

The main plate is like a foundation, and it is the largest. After that, the mainspring and nearby pieces of the watch stay in place because of the second-largest barrel bridge. Likewise, the other structures are supported by the wheel and pallet bridge of the watch. 

So, this is how the mechanical automatic watch works when you wear it. But, you have to make a small setup before wearing it. So let’s start with that. 

How To Set Up A Mechanical Watch?

Setting a watch is not like a hard nut to crack; it is as simple as your phone’s date and time. You can also set up your mechanical automatic watch if it is not working using the below steps. 

Remove The Watch 

You can start to set your mechanical clock without any issues. But, if the watch is in your hand, remove it from your wrist.

Restart a Watch

You will need to fully close down the Bulgari watch if it has been a long time since you have worn it. To completely close down, start unscrewing the crown and turn the crown clockwise. Don’t over-wind; it can cause a loss. 

Date Setting

Mechanical watches come with a few positions for the crown and offer different winding functions. The first one is for manual wind up through an unscrewing crown. Second, you can change the date by pulling the crown again, and you can use the crown to turn it clockwise until you get the date. 

Pull The Crown

You can set your time through the crown. Take the crown to the furthest spot from the watch base. When the crown lasts there at that position, the second hand comes to an end to help you set the time. 

Set AM or PM

You can wind your watch crown clockwise until you see the date starting to change, and it will help you decide the time set from AM to PM.

Set a Time

It is time to move your watch crown gently clockwise to set the correct time. If you have overreached, continue winding clockwise to get your time. Suppose you rotate your watch crown counter-clockwise; it can take your watch towards damage. 

Get the Crown Back in

Your time will be set when you push the crown back into its nuclear position. After that, screw the crown down and ensure that it is pressurized. 

This way, you can set up the Bulgari watch also. Now, you can look into the price section and features after that.

Pricing of Bulgari’s Octo Finissimo Ultra

As you know, the 8th world record watch Bvlgari comes with a titanium bracelet which is only 1.80 mm. Therefore, the strap of the Ultra is only half as thick as the normal strap of the Octo Collection. 

The doubling clutch has also been altered for the new dimensions. As a result, the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra is a limited edition with only ten pieces. The price is around 400,000 Euros (Approx – US$441,000).


The Bvlgari Watch is an 8th world record and is popular with unique designs or features. We will uncover them here one by one. 

  • This mechanical watch comes with a total thickness of 1.8 mm. 
  • The watch shape is octagonal. 
  • There is an hour-minute function available. 
  • Comes in a stylish gray color and has a monochromatic look. 
  • Offers the QR code that connects to the NFT and the metaverse. 
  • It has eight patent applications like watch glass assembly, barrel structure, oscillator module, and more that help you provide comfort while using. 
  • The thinnest watch ever made.
  • It offers a titanium strap for all users.


Watches are best from Switzerland. But when it comes to the Italian brand Bulgari mechanical watch, you have to think twice. And, as you know, it has seven world records for its Octo collections.

That’s why the luxurious jewelry & fashion brand “Bulgari(Bvlgari)” only made 10 pieces of this mechanical marvel.

Have you heard about its 8th world record winning watch? 

That’s not like breaking up the mountain. 

This way, we have written the entire article for you. We hope you will like it and order your watch as soon as possible.Other Blogs From Voice Life Media