Fresh Subway Surfers 2023

In this blog, you will learn about fresh subway surfers. as you know subway surfers game is well known. many kids, younger used to play. by the way, Fresh is a popular character of subway surfers after Jack. I know you are soo excited to know about fresh from subway surfers. so, let’s dive into this blog without wasting time.


How many of you played the Subway Surfers game? Which is your favorite character – Jake or the latest Fresh Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is among the endless running games that people of all ages can play. Moreover, The easy playing method attracts more people to come as well as play the game during their free time.

It was launched by Kiloo Games on May 24th, 2012. it has became popular in no time. According to recent news, 32.02 million gamers play the game, collecting coins and breaking their old high score records. This sounds fascinating. Keep this excitement for the game. You can play this game on Android and iOS. An online desktop version is also available to play online on your PCs.

The lead character here is Jake, an intelligent one and street art lover. However, there are more characters you can unlock in the game, like  Fresh from Subway Surfers, and start running to collect coins. Recently, in the tenth year, the game introduced a new character called Super Runner Fresh as the 10th character in 2022.

He is amongst the best ones to run, jump, roll, and collect the coins. Believe it or not, a few people say it all started from a tragic moment. The game is between us in memory of the game creator’s son. He was skating down the railway tracks when he died. Nowadays, in most of countries, this game is acceptable.

What does Fresh Subway Surfers do in this game?

Highschool Girl - Harumi from fresh subway surfers

Despite Fresh From Subway Surfers, we have seen many characters since the beginning of the game’s launch. Everyone, from Jake to Lucy, is perfect in their fields and has their own identity. Similarly, once you collect the 50 stereos, you can unlock a new character called fresh.

With a radio in his funk outfit, Fresh is an intelligent character in the Subway Surfers game that runs to collect coins. He is also popular as a deep thinker. He represents the 80s style with dark brown skin and thick glasses.

Fresh from Subway Surfers wear gray and red sneakers with two colored straps that perfectly match their personality. Lastly, he is the person behind the surfer’s togetherness, like glue holds things together.

What is the relationship status between Jake and Fresh Subway Surfers?

Yes! According to SubwaySufFandom, something is fishy between them, and they are possibly dating each other. A poster shows Jake and Fresh hugging each other. However, that sounds impossible!

Fresh is a boy with a funky look, glasses on his eyes, shorts, sneakers, and a stereo in his hands. On the other hand, Jake from Subway Surfers is another free character, wearing a jacket that absolutely suits him.

On top of that, the animated series says that Yutani, another girl character in Subway Surfers, has a solid crush on Jake. Therefore, dating is not possible between Jake and Subway Surfers Fresh.

Are Fresh and Ella siblings?

Yes! According to the animated series, Fresh Subway Surfer is a younger brother of Ella, who belongs to a Spanish background. Similarly, Ella has the surname Harper, matching Fresh’s surname. 

Ella has seen a cameo role in the series and played the role of an older sister of Fresh. Also, Ella and Fresh are the first African-American female and male characters played in the entire season.

You can unlock the character Ella in the game by spending 150,000. This makes her an expensive female character present in the Subway Surfers game. Similarly, her two outfits are also costly. The first one costs 15 and the second is available for 25.

How to get Fresh on Subway Surfers?

Fresh is a famous character from Subway Surfers who works like glue to keep every surfer united. Therefore, having this character on your side is vital when you play a game.

Now “How to unlock Fresh in subway surfers?” this question arises here because there is no specific way to get Fresh on your side. First, understand that the character is available in the standard edition of the Subway Surfers game. It was released in 2012 and cost 50 stereos.

When the updated version came out for game lovers, the Fresh Subway Surfers’ new version also came into the rumors. After some time, the secret revealed that they had launched the Supper Runner Fresh as Fresh’s latest version.

Top 10 BEST Subway Surfers Characters

After meeting Fresh from Subway Surfers, it’s time to explore more characters from the game. When the popularity increased, the game’s creators started introducing several versions. In those gaming versions, they added different characters. Following are the top ten best characters in the game, having unique identities.

Charming – Jake

Charming Jake from fresh subway surfers

This character’s first name is Slick. A few factors led to Jake’s success as a fast runner and finalized with mutual understanding. It is widely popular that he is the first character, the leader, and the soul of the game.

He looks confident, charming, and ready to take a chance without rest. Jake Subway Surfers is a street art lover and owns two outfits called Dark Outfit and Star in the Miami version.

Stunning – Mina

Stunning Mina

She is another limited edition character, but she is an exciting protagonist you haven’t seen. You can buy her for 95,000 gold coins. Launched on February 14, 2014, this character was seen in Subway Surfers World Tour: Seoul. Two more costumes are available for her in the game like Fresh Subway Surfers have.

She belongs to a South Korean background. Her hair is messy brown, her eyes are brown, and she wears white Converse. She counts herself among fast runners. She possesses two outfits, Robo and Pop, leaving her original one.

A good Friend – Tricky

A good Friend Tricky

If Fresh Subway Surfers has boombox music, Tricky has an analytical mind. With the help of her analytical mind, Tricky helps surfers with every issue. She is popular for her break-dancing moves & precision skate tricks. She is a perfectionist in what she always does. Tricky always wears a black glass that completes her funky look.

The white tank top and baggy blue jeans are the identities in the game of a character, Tricky Subway Surfers. But you can change her outfit, which costs 150 Tricky hats for the first outfit and 300 tricky hats for the second outfit. However, her gaining three Tricky’s caps can unlock the original one.

Gondolier – Marco

Gondolier - Marco

You can meet Marco’s character in the Subway Surfers World Tour: Venice, as he is admire as the twenty-fourth character of this series. Marco is the ferryman and a limited edition character in the game launched on June 4th, 2015.

Marco is a teenager like Fresh Subway Surfers, with an Italian background unlocked by paying 95,000 gold coins, and wears a white striped t-shirt paired with blue jeans and brown shoes. He also possesses two outfits unlocked by 30 keys for each. He wears a white and gold mask and a hat on his head.

Young Woman – Tasha

Young Woman - Tasha

Seen in the standard edition of the game, Tasha is one of the best runners you can meet. She was launched on October 24th, 2012. You need 30,000 Gold coins to unlock her in the game.

Her exceptional contribution to the game earned one outfit in the Subway Surfers Mumbai update and another in Miami. These are admire as Cheer and Gym outfits, unlocked by paying for 15 and 25 keys, respectively.

The First Limited Character – Tony

The First Limited Character - Tony

Tony is a cool boy wearing black sunglasses to cover his eyes and fingerless gloves in his hands. He looks like a rapper with his golden necklace, white t-shirt, sleeveless jacket, blue jeans, and yellow color working boots. But on a serious note, he is not a rapper.

He is listed among the first limited characters on a world tour and is firstly seen in the Subway Surfers New York Version. To unlock this character, you’ll need 95,000 gold coins and 30 outfit keys.

A Chinese-American – Jenny

A Chinese-American - Jenny

New characters appeared in the San Francisco version to complement the Fresh Subway Surfers. Out of them, Jenny is a fantastic character to play a game with. Jenny was launched in 2016 and became the first female newcomer.

She looks like a dashing girl with a black crop top, purple yoga pants, and a multicolored woven headband. She has two more costumes to wear, which can be unlocked by using 30 keys for each.

A Young LIfeguard – Brody

A Young LIfeguard - Brody

With his shark’s tooth necklace, blue flip flops, blue swim shirt, yellow shorts, and a watch, Brody portrays a look of a lifeguard. He was launched on October 24, 2012, with his default costume and is amongst the second most expensive characters in the game.

But he got the Posh Outfit during the Subway Surfers Seoul update and the Chill Outfit during the Mexico City update. However, a posh outfit needs 35 keys, and a chill outfit needs 70 keys to unlock.

Highschool Girl – Harumi

Highschool Girl - Harumi

Harumi, a Japanese girl, was launched on May 2nd, 2013, and is available in the Subway Surfers Tokyo edition. Her buying cost is 95,000 gold coins, and she needs 30 keys for her outfit.

She looks a bit naughty and runs in a high school dress uniform as a Fresh Subway Surfers runs in a green costume. She has a ponytail hairstyle, black loafers, and brown eyes. Despite the default costumes, she also possesses a Meow and Fury outfit in the game. Additionally, she was also known as a fifth newcomer in 2013.


A good Friend - Tricky from fresh subway surfers

The updated version of Subway Surfers Las Vegas comes with a new character called Rex. Rex is among the best runners you can see in the game. He is a limited edition character launched on January 1st, 2015, and since then, his popularity has been on the next level.

Rex possesses two more outfits different from his regular one, unlocked by 30 keys for each. He looks like a disco dancer with black hair, blue eyes, and a white jumpsuit. But he is not a dancer and requires 95,000 gold coins to unlock.


When it comes to endless running games, Subway Surfers is the most downloaded game available on the Play Store and Apple Store. With multiple characters, gold coins, and background music, it attracts many people to play the game worldwide.

Since its launch, multiple people have started playing this ongoing game as their favorite entertaining source. Due to ease of play, it became viral and accepted in many countries. Therefore, the creators launched different versions to play this game worldwide.

Along with the Fresh Subway Surfers character, every character has their own story. Similarly, they earn rewards in a mysterious box locked with surprises. With a single character (Jake), they go a long way and make their scores high. 

However, when the game version is updated, the old characters are updated, like Super Runner Fresh.

In short, this is an excellent endless running game with vast gold coins to collect, multiple characters, and endless paths to run.

There are lot of games you can play like subway surfers such as Minecraft, Mini Militia etc 


Q) How Can I Get Fresh Subway Surfers Character?

It is important to note that the character is only available in the standard edition of the Subway Surfers game. In 2012, it was released and cost 50 stereos.

Q) How Can I Play Subway Surfers?

Ans: – First, visit the Play Store or Apple Store and download the application of Subway Surfers. Open the game application and choose the “Tap to Play” option. Once the game starts, use your hands to move the character and collect the coins. Similarly, you can double-tap to activate the hoverboard.

Q) Are Subway Surfers Available To Play Online on Computers?

Ans: – Yes! The Subway Surfers game is available online to play on computers. And the best part is that you don’t need to download or install the game. Using the keyboard’s arrow keys and mouse helps play the game.

Q) How To Make A High Score?

Ans: – First, understand the game’s objective, which is to run as much as possible and collect the coins. When the game is over, the scores are determined based on how far you run and the accumulated coins. So, you need to break your previous records by running as far as possible and collecting coins to score high.

Q) Which Is The Rarest Outfit You Can See In Subway Surfers?

Ans: – Jake, a lead character, was updated with a new costume due to the Halloween festival in 2020. He was wearing a Zombie outfit, which now disappears from the game shop.

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