Temple Fade Haircut For Men 2022

Undoubtedly, temple fade hairstyles are becoming intensely popular since they come with the backup of good history! it became a fashion in recent years. It is a haircut for men to exemplify business-mindedness, coolness, and a sense of discipline. Also, it’s the best bet, to begin with, if you’re looking to explore the world of faded hairstyles without significant modifications.

One of the significant reasons this style is increasingly becoming famous among modern folks is its potential to highlight you better. This style focuses more on your hairstyle than any other fade haircut. This particular hairstyle has a ton of variants worth considering, especially the famous temple short taper fades for black men, one that includes half moon part, low fade, and more. 

Without any further ado, let’s scroll down further to learn about the invention of fade haircuts, the best versions, and so much good stuff waiting there!

Who invented the temple fade?

Yes, temple short taper fade calls back to the ’90s and even before that! Yet, its current popularity makes the hairstyle more interesting in history. This hairstyle also comes with different names, which can be why it’s mistaken for some other styles.

Some sources say that this style originated in salons that have to follow certain ethnic subcultures, while some sources say it originated from army personnel. They were follow temple fade hairstyles specifically to indicate job discipline. The soldiers from World War II came with close-cropped hair while returning home in the 1940s and 50s. Those hairs often seemed grown on top and empty on the lower side.

Then, according to Wikipedia, ‘Gotti Boys’ were the ones popularizing temple short taper fade hairstyles. Firstly, it was a prominent trend in metropolitan areas like New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Boston, Michigan, etc. 

However, new times usher in recent trends naturally! It was initially a famous hairstyle for black people, especially the afro, or infamous ‘Jheri curl.’ But, nowadays, it’s not limited to black people only. The haircut has spread to various cultures like hip-hop, white folks, and more.

How this haircut emerged into hip-hop culture is also quite fascinating. As per Greg Cooper Spencer, a hairstylist with more than 20 years of working experience, such hairstyles gradually emerged in hip-hop culture when artists made sure their wardrobe and hair also stood out along with the music.

So, learning the history of low fade is not a straight-line process that has ups and downs. But, even though the past is quite fading, this hairstyle persists in giving you a lot more classy, premium looks.

Taper fade vs. Temple fade: What’s the difference?

Taper fade vs Temple fade

The low fade vs. taper fade fight is quite natural and debate-worthy! However, even there’s a difference between a taper and fade, too, as per a certain logic we’ll describe later in this section.

Note that this haircut is also called temple taper, especially when the sides of your hair are shave into long gradient hair at the top of your head. This haircut is meant to bridge your beard and hair.

And this sync is define quite properly when we observe the faded temples swiftly connect with the beard and side. There are many variants of temple short taper fade hairstyles, such as temple short taper with a beard, waves, lightly defined temple short taper curls, temple fade afro, locs with fade, undercut fade style, and the list goes on with more twists into the scene!

On the other hand, taper hairstyles are ideal for people who want to change their looks regularly with a touch of good versatility. It generally begins longer at the top and gradually gets shorter as you get closer to the natural hairline on the sides and nape.

However, it’s a low-maintenance haircut and is easier to manage than a low fade hairstyle. Thus, if you’re looking for something new without much experimentation with your hair, it’s good to go with the taper haircut. Now, let’s understand what a fade is!

The fade cut is generally an effect that starts and ends at the person’s natural hairline. The term denotes the hair appearing to fade into the skin while leaving no traces of hairline. Plus, this is a perfect hairstyle if you’re too lazy to worry about shaving your hair off! 

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Thus, taper and fade haircuts are logically different, although they look similar. But, you can say that all fades are tapers, whereas not all are fade haircuts. In addition, fades can be initiate from a low point, a midpoint, or a high point!

As the name says, low temple fade gives you a fading appearance right near the ears, whereas high fade starts fading right near the top of the head. In addition, your personal preference and desired look will also influence the fade hairstyle!

Therefore, there isn’t a thing called a taper fade haircut. It’s either a taper or a hairstyle faded down to the skin. And, as mentioned earlier, the low fade hairstyle comes with a whole lot of distinction from taper haircuts.

What is a temple short taper called?

Yes, it comes in different forms and thus is admire by other names too! Firstly, this haircut name is a fade haircut in a broader sense. 

Furthermore, you could have different fade cuts: classic fade, Brooklyn fade, blowout, high fade, low fade, mid fade, scissor fade, and more. 

Then, there are specific curly hairstyles and straight hairstyles. Let’s dive into their respective hairstyles with a bit of detail!

Temple fade curly hairstyles.

1 – Lightly defined temple short taper curly hair

Lightly defined temple fade curly hair

The style is here to flourish your coils and curls, even with a fade. This haircut can achieve by leaving a little afro cut at the top of the fade. Then, the next step is to lightly define your coils or curls with any styling butter you like!

2 – Temple fade with locs

Temple fade with locs

The looks of locs can enhance immediately with a fade hairstyle. Make sure you do a fade haircut at the sides of your loc’d hair. The style gives super attractive vibes, especially when you tie the top section of your inches in a bun or ponytail!

3 – Temple fade hairstyle with waves

Temple fade hairstyle with waves

This haircut with waves can add an instant flavor to your curly hair looks! The style looks quite classy at the same time, with a well-groomed beard.

4 – Temple short taper haircut with beard

Temple fade haircut with beard

Again, a well-groomed beard with any low fade curly hairstyle can add an instant class to your looks! Ask the barber for a beard shape-up whenever you go for a fade haircut for a sleek everyday look.

5 – Curly mohawk with temple short taper

Curly mohawk with temple fade

Combining this fade haircut with a curly mohawk is another hairstyle that can give you an instant major look transformation. A curly mohawk is when you cut hairs in concise length with a tapered back and sides. But, the hair on top should be left long to show off curls.

You can distinguish yourself from the crowd by sporting a mohawk. And all curly mohawks follow almost the same pattern. For example, the temple fade hairstyle with a classic curly mohawk appears to expand from the extreme front of the hair to the back while keeping the temples faded. 

It gives you a pretty edgy appearance which most famous rockstars and singers also love to experiment with. So, you can share this haircut with an extended chance for a better exploration of curly mohawk variations.

So, there could be different hairstyles for curly hair, such as high skin fade, drop fade, and high top fade, which are pretty standard haircuts to be discussed later in the sections below.

However, you can begin with high, mid, and low temple taper fade haircuts with curly hairstyles if you’re just beginning in this haircut arena!

Temple fade straight hairstyles

Again, for straight hair, there could be a range of temple short taper haircuts which we’ll list below. So, let’s continue emphasizing your looks, making you more stylish and classy!

1 – Short slicked high back temple short taper straight hair

Short slicked high back temple fade straight hair

Combining a temple haircut with a slicked-back hairstyle can never go wrong! It is a perfect mix of two cool hairstyles and simultaneously gives you a clean, short haircut look. This hairstyle further gives a seamless transition between the beard and temple area. The top can be style by combining your hair back. Or, you can go for using some good hair-holding products.

2 – Mid temple fade straight hair ivy league

Mid temple fade straight hair ivy league

Ivy league is also known as a Princeton or Harvard Clip hairstyle. This style appears very similar to medium or long haircuts except that the sides and back are left slightly more messy than laser-cut!

Here, the skin is also clearly visible as the faded area is relatively short and gives a disconnected look.

3 – Brooklyn fade straight haircut with design

Temple fade straight haircut with design

You can also add some dope hair designs to your haircut for a unique appearance. Since they are unique and trending, they help you stand out. And here, we’re talking about mixing hair designs with this haircut. 

Implementing hair design also works great with other fade variations. Again, it’s helpful to take hints from the hair designs of previous barbers and get better ideas about the design perspective.

4 – Comb back with low temple fade straight hair

Comb back with low temple fade straight hair

It’s like vibing with both classics as well as modern hairstyles at the same time! Low temple haircut with comb back style is a beautiful synthesis of the future and past trends. Besides, the sides are also faded and tapered for a trendy touch. 

5 – Modern Pompadour with Brooklyn fade straight hair

Modern Pompadour with temple fade straight hair

Pompadour mixed with this fade haircut is quite synonymous. Moreover, you can add a few hair designs to this iconic and catchy haircut. This hairstyle is also compatible with thick haircuts too! So you’re good to go with this hairstyle, especially when you have good volume and hair length. 

Top 05 temple fade hairstyles to try immediately

1 – Big Temple taper Afro Hairstyle

Big Temple Fade Afro Hairstyle - Temple Fade Haircut for Black Men

As the name signifies, it’s a temple taper hairstyle combined with a big afro. Furthermore, it keeps everything sharp and clean for your hairstyle. Afro is especially for black men and can be style in other variants, such as low temple taper afro haircut, parted afro haircut, curly top temple fad afro haircut, and more. 

2 – Temple fade haircut with half-moon part

Temple fade haircut with half-moon part

When combined with a high-bald fade, the half-moon part can do wonders. It’s another popular haircut that carries years of tradition and provides excellent looks!

3 – Temple taper fade

Temple taper fade

You must add an arch behind the ears to make it a taper fade haircut. It adds an instant finesse to your ordinary temple taper hairstyle. However, there’s a difference between a low fade and a taper fade haircut, but you can combine both with this fine distinction.

4 – Bald temple fade

Bald temple fade

Since fade hairstyles look dope on every head, we can add a bit of twist with bald fade haircuts. Moreover, there could be many variants of bald fade haircuts, such as low bald fade, medium bald fade, high bald fade, bald taper fade, bald drop fade, bald cut fade, and more. 

The word ‘fade’ can also denote a seamless transition of short and long hair lengths at the sides and back of the head. 

5 – Short temple fade haircut

Short temple fade haircut

When temples are taper very short, it’s called a ‘short Brooklyn fade’ haircut! There’s also a seamless transition between the beard and temple area in this hairstyle. Finally, you must comb your hair back on top for a finishing touch.


So, that’s all about Temple Fade hairstyles in different forms or versions! Nevertheless, there are many variants of your favorite haircut, so don’t limit yourself to these few examples. And that’s why we’ve tried to include each famous short taper haircut, specifically the temple taper haircut for black men, low fade for curly hair, straight hair, and so on.

Drop your favorite cut in the comments section below!

Some Useful FAQs

Q.1 How do you ask your barber for a temple fade hairstyles?

Yes, there could be many ways to ask your barber for a temple taper haircut than simply saying, ‘I want a Brooklyn fade haircut.’ However, after reading our ultimate guide on different fade hairstyles, you could have a better idea about such hairstyles by now!

First, you can ask your barber about your style while telling him about your profession. Then, you can ask him what kind of fade haircut you are looking for, whether it’s a specific version of taper fade or any particular version of temple taper haircut. 

Q. 2 What number of fade should I get?

This haircut doesn’t contain any length of its own! All you need to do is let your barber know how short you want your fade to be.It’s okay to start with a number 2. However, your barber automatically understands after listening to your style.

Q. 3 Why are Temple fades attractive?

Fade haircuts are attractive because they can match almost every hair texture or type. Even most women find it a beautiful style on men, as they give a subtle edge to their style.

Q. 4 Are fades high maintenance?

Yes, it needs maintenance if you want your fades to look fresh and clear throughout! One temple fade haircut can stay for a maximum of 2.5 to 3 weeks, so you may need to rush after this period to the barber.

Q. 5 Are fades better than tapers?

Tapers leave your hair in more length as compared to fade haircuts. It depends on your personal preferences whether you like tapers or fades.

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