Empeon Review 2024 (Updated)

This is a complete review blog of empeon: a HR Management Software. in this, you will learn features, pros, cons, and some FAQs regarding this software. so let’s dive into this blog without wasting time.


“How is Empeon HR management software different from other HRMS?” – Anonymous

HRMS are designed and updated regularly to eliminate the tedious task of human resource personnel in a company. It is valuable software irrespective of the size of the company. However, medium to big-sized companies don’t operate without a dedicated HR system.

Dedicated software is also required to efficiently sync IT with the HR department and leverage the full potential of both the employees and HR personnel. This complete automation system also helps businesses digitally manage and store core HR functions, namely onboarding, staffing, performance evaluation, employee training and development, employee compensation, and legal compliances, etc. 

In this article, I’ll take you through an entire yet the brief journey of how Empeon benefits employees, key features of this software, its compatibility among different companies, deployment, technical details, and more. So, read on to find more!

What is Empeon?


It is an HR management software or system designed with the tagline ‘Empowering Your People. It is a one-stop solution for all the HR functions right, from recruiting to payroll to the retirement of employees. 

With this cloud-based tool, it’s easy to simplify the entire recruitment process, track & manage the workforce, run vast amounts of nuanced, & complex pay applications, get expert HR services & insights, and so much more!

Overall, the system is loaded with core features in talent, reportings, time payroll, HR, benefits, and systems. This software has the best use cases in the healthcare industry, including skilled nursing, home care, rehabilitation & substance abuse centers, urgent care, senior living, and more.

Why should I use Empeon?

If you’re an HR manager working in the healthcare industry, there shouldn’t be a second thought about using dedicated software to handle your department. It has a good track record of usage in home health care, skilled nursing, unionized labor, staffing, financial institutions, and other professional businesses.

Thus, Empeon may help you incredibly, even if you’re a working professional. Let’s first understand the importance or usage of this system in the healthcare sector! Healthcare is a deeply buried sector regarding HR, as we all know. 

Managing the hospital job is a tedious task, constantly needing knowledge, proper insights, teamwork, and creativity. Moreover, this software may prove to be very helpful in the regular training & development of healthcare professionals, their risk & safety management, and salaries & wages management, among other tasks.

In my opinion, it has all the ease-of-use elements in its features to be used safely and effectively within the healthcare industry.

Empeon Features

Empeon Features

I’ve been fortunate enough to take the demo and enjoy its features. Now, it’s time to describe to you in detail what I feel about its usage for HR-related tasks! 

#1. Empeon Hub Deployment/Implementation

As you can also analyze from the UI/UX of the website, This software comes with quite a straightforward deployment. However, I have started by booking a demo of the software itself by clicking the Contact tab. 

There, you will get both their phone number and email for contact. Also, you can directly click the Book Demo tab on the same window and get started after giving your essential details. It’s the best way to get an experience with the software before making an actual investment.

They have guided me throughout the implementation process. Since it’s cloud-based software, I didn’t have to do much hassle during deployment. All the signing-in process is there on the official website itself. Overall, I appreciate the simplicity of its implementation procedure, as it comes with significantly fewer formalities. 

However, there isn’t much info or a brief roadmap available on their website for newbies. It’s pretty disappointing, as it should have a blueprint on the website to guide visitors a little about its implementation process beforehand. So, you only have the option to Book Demo!

#2. Empeon Login/User Interface Experience

After you’ve booked a demo, and got login credentials from them, go straight to the Sign In tab. You will see two options for signing in there! You can either sign in as a client, subtitled as ‘Workforce,’ or you can sign in as an employee, subtitled as ‘Empeon ESS Hub.’ 

As the name suggests, it is a central hub that allows employees to access the full software and knowledge. Here, employees can easily update their personal information, make digital time-off requests, access benefits administration, submit expense reports, access payroll, access company handbooks, IT suite apps, and much more!

Empeon ESS Hub means the Employee Self-Service hub, which further has many benefits for renovating the entire HR department. Some key features are time & attendance, payroll, online HR documents, benefits administrations, employee training, and alerts & notifications. 

#3. Talent Acquisition

It allows intelligent automation features to hunt the best talent for an organization. As soon as you have a vacant position in the company, the software automatically posts the JD to various job boards at just the tap of a button.

In this window, I had access to automatic workflows for the effortless passing of candidates through different stages, a referral program that attracts a lot, a multi-lingual posting facility, and team collaboration.

In this manner, your work as a talent acquisition specialist is reduced to almost half and even less than it is with smart automation. Also, talent acquisition is the most critical aspect of any HR role that can affect the organization’s success in the long term.

Being a talent acquisition specialist, you will have more time to assess the in-built data analysis tool regarding demographic breakdown, usage trends, and referral sources. Even the screening of certifications, licenses, and background checks is made automatically.

#4. Time & Labor Management

Management of time & labor simply means how long your employees are present on a job and how productive they are at the job simultaneously. Empeon allows for rigorous time & labor management facilities to check real-time data and make essential workforce decisions on the same basis.

It helps get more time analyzing the behavior of your current workforce while sending other red-tape tasks on automatic mode. It will also allow an HR department to effectively control labor costs, comply with employment regulations, run payroll more accurately, improve workforce productivity, and create more flexible work schedules based on performance.

Moreover, you have their dedicated mobile app to track everything like location, schedules, and more on the go!

#5. Payroll & Compliance

Working with multiple employees is a challenging task, especially when it comes to a systematic payroll mechanism. Empeon payroll and compliance system automates all the essential requirements of running payrolls accurately.

With this software, I have Omnipotent Engine to go through custom pay calculations, Full Union Mode to set applicable union rules, deductions & automation, Tax Management feature, Real-Time Analytics with inbuilt error-detection feature and alerting with entire online reporting, and True Guided UX with self-explanatory features. 

Whether it’s a manual process or a cloud-based solution, you need a reliable system to track employee hours, issue payments, understand their deductions, and so on. Thus, why not choose an HRIS which has cloud-based functionalities like Empeon?

#6. HR Management

When you get everything backed by expert HR services and insights all in one place within the software, there shouldn’t be a second thought about using it! When such red-tape HR tasks go into automatic mode, you have more time to think of out-of-the-box ideas to combat healthcare staffing shortages. 

It further helps beef up the benefits packages, sends insightful support on people skills, records, views, tracks, and prints employee discipline reports with e-signatures, and a lot more. 

#7. Benefits Administration

In this system, you can easily manage workplace benefits and eliminate any traditional paperwork you used to do before its deployment. I had a good time experiencing its benefits management system, which was quite prompt compared to other HR software I reviewed!

You can readily see eligibility, set plans, control rules & contributions within the software. You have Empeon ESS, where employees can join, view plans, and track their requests. Moreover, insurance modules can also be effortlessly managed within the window.

To top off the list, this software has some unique benefits administration features, namely the COBRA Management, where notices are easy to send, responses are easy to track, and it effectively manages enrollment too!

Then, I used automated ACA auditing, support, and the annual IRS reporting feature on demo mode. It was tricky initially, but I got to know the entire process after a brief discussion with their support team. Moreover, there’s a card called Fringe Pay platform where companies can easily send their stipends and tax-advantaged benefits.

#8. Reporting & Business Intelligence

One of the significant factors HR benefits from is business intelligence and reporting. Whether your company is small, medium or large, data has to be essentially applied to make informed business decisions. 

Business intelligence & reporting consists of data and analysis, which forms the basis of the success of any company. 

This window helped me put any data to work by extracting valuable insights from every collection stage. If there’s a trend, pattern, opportunity, or inefficiency, it quickly quantifies and identifies with the machine learning concept.

All in all, Empeon is an advanced tool based on machine learning and big data that provides an intuitive reporting module, I-Click support for sharing reports with internal & external decision makers, easy benchmarking to evaluate business performance on the notes of reliable market data, and trend tracking, etc. with chart view for staff changes, labor input, pay, and system use.

#9. Systemwide Features

It offers systemwide features with respective benefits in each segment. It simply means you will get flexible user security with custom user roles, permissions, and filters with effortless settings. 

Also, there’s system support for email alerts & reminders at each stage to reduce risk and errors. Its legendary powers all lie in the customization and capability of the software backed by local, realistic support.

Empeon Pricing

You need to contact them to know their entire pricing structure. Simply connect with them through the Contacts page or get a demo to experience the software and ask for a negotiated price. 


  • Interactive user-interface
  • Smart integration within different modules
  • Cloud-based application
  • Fast & Responsive
  • Readily applicable in different segments of the healthcare sector


  • No brief information regarding the deployment
  • No pricing structure is visible
  • Some functions are rather tricky to understand

What types of industries can use this HR management software?

Empeon mainly serves the healthcare sector, including home healthcare, skilled nursing, unionized labor, staffing, financial institutions, and professional businesses. 

Technical Details / Language Support / Deployment (Mobile app, Cloud, Website, etc.)

Yes, it allows for multi-lingual support within the software to ease users. Regarding technicality, it’s a cloud-based application and thus easier to understand and operate than other HR software available in the market. 


So, that’s a wrap! I hope you liked my hands-on experience with Empeon. Overall, I liked the simplicity and applicability of the software, especially in the healthcare arena. Someone working in healthcare may find this software a lot more practical and the best tool to survive in such a hectic environment. 

The recruitment process generally is constant in the health industry, and thus using a dedicated HRIS shouldn’t be ignored to induce productivity and efficiency. 


Q.1 How does HR improve the quality of healthcare?

HR professionals in the healthcare sector are generally responsible for ensuring that good services are delivered to clinicians, administrative staff, and patients. They also address various other concerns in the healthcare sector, such as managing financials, ensuring healthcare regulations, promoting employee retention, and so on. 

This can’t be done manually as it also involves a lot of red-tapism tasks and consumes a lot more time while leaving no time for core HR responsibilities. Eliminating the routine functions of HR and getting them automatically done via a system can incredibly improve the productivity of the HR department.

Q.2 What is the HR software called?

HR software comes in different forms and names, such as HRIS (Human Resource Information System); ATS (Application Tracking System); HRMS (Human Resource Management System); HCM (Human Capital Management); and Payroll system, etc.

Q.3 Is HR a stressful job?

Since HR professionals work in tensed conditions, it’s pretty stressful. Keeping in mind the work volume, and especially the absence of dedicated software like Empeon, you may not survive in such a profession for long. 

Q.4 How will technology change the future of healthcare?

Tech is changing the future of healthcare in many ways, such as using AI to design new drugs, using VR to train future surgeons, using augmented reality, wearables, sensors, and healthcare trackers, etc. 

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