Waiakea Water Review 2023 (Updated)


Waiakea Water is a famous brand of water from Hawaii that was founded in 2012. It is the world’s finest premium bottled water company and has won several awards for its outstanding taste and purity.

Waiakea aims to deliver unmatched ethical, environmentally friendly, and morally upright qualities and efforts through Hawaiian volcano water & triple bottom line quality hydration. This company says Profits are not the priority for us. People are.

In order to be sustainable, Waiakea is committed to supplying natural, healthy volcanic water throughout the Hawaiian Islands, contributing to, promoting, and educating the community about the importance of clean water in general.

Many people from the USA used to search for alkaline water near me. They found Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water on the top because this company is located in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

What is Waiakea Water? (A Hawaiian Volcanic Water)

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

It is a popular water company whose main catchphrase is to offer clean water to the world by keeping all the essential minerals, like Na, Mg, K, Ca, and SiO2. The company believes in providing naturally healthy yet delicious water, perfectly suited to its slogan, “Live Healthy, Live Sustainably, Live Ethically.”

If you want to experience the purest environment on earth, nothing is better than Mauna Loa Volcano. In ancient volcanoes, snow melt and rain combine to make the water. After this, the filtration process starts, where the water gets purified by crossing 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. During this, minerals and electrolytes get mixed to make Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water a naturally alkaline water, maintaining a pH of 8.2 and giving a smooth sweet taste.

Who Owns Waiakea Water?

Ryan Emmons

Ryan Emmons owns Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water; he is a Co-founder and CEO both. He founded this finest bottled water company in 2012 to provide the cleanest Hawaiian Volcanic Water, which is the first of its kind. Through this, they want to contribute to the betterment of the world from their side as much as possible.

As per Hawaiian people, “we are all children of the land.” So it’s our responsibility to protect our nature and land. They are doing their bit by providing clean water access to those in need, education to the underprivileged, and other actions favoring the environment and its people.

Waiakea has a non-profit partner, Pump Aid, which helps in its mission of reducing water poverty, offering food to the needy, and decreasing aid dependency.

Is Waiakea Water Good For You?

Several studies claim that alkaline water is healthy. However, Ryan Emmons said that more advanced studies will be needed to understand whether such water is actually beneficial for the body.

The first time I drank Waiakea, I noticed the difference in taste and texture. The taste of this water was smooth and slightly sweet, which I have never experienced in any other bottled water or tap water. In addition to that, it contains many minerals (Na, Mg, K, Ca, and SiO2) that are directly linked to health advantages.

Among the other alkaline water brands, Waiakea is particularly known for its silica content. The Waiakea water includes 30 milligrams of silica at 32.4 mg, which is the recommended daily value of silica. As per the 2010 published study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, silica-containing drinking water significantly lowers the risk of cognitive decline. Further, as per this study, Waiakea Volcanic Water found that drinking 10 mg/day helps in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s by almost 11 percent.

Besides all of the above, we can not ignore the common side effects you may have to face. Headaches, Fatigue, Muscle Aches, A Runny Nose, Excessive Gas, and some severe side effects one could encounter. This happens if your body’s pH is too high. Meanwhile, these side effects are a good sign as they detoxify your body.

Benefits of Drinking Waiakea Water

The benefits of drinking water have been told to you by many people. Did they tell you about Ryan Emmons bottled water benefits?

No worries! I’m taking this responsibility on my shoulders. After researching several articles and reviews, I’ve got the most common benefits experienced by people after consuming this premium quality water..

Let’s talk about them one by one to dissolve your confusion;

#1 Re hydrate

For almost six to eight hours while you are sleeping, your body does not receive any hydration. The body requires more than just water when it wakes up after such a long period of inactivity. In order to feel refreshed, your body requires essential minerals, which can be obtained from Waiakea water, which effectively re hydrates your body and provides you with an immediate boost.

#2 Boost Mental Awareness

Several of you may be wondering, “What is the correlation between mental awareness and drinking water?” However, there is a strong association between the two. Drinking essential minerals can improve your concentration and alert your mind.

#3 Improves Brain Health

Are you aware that over 70% of your brain is composition of water? Thus, it requires regular water supplies in order to function properly, and drinking ordinary water might not be beneficial. When your brain does not receive the necessary minerals or nutrients, fatigue and mood swings are common symptoms.

#4  Strengthens Immune System

In order to maintain a high level of performance throughout the day, your body requires repair and recovery. To accomplish this, your immune system should be strong enough to handle all the tasks at hand. Waiakea water boosts your immune system by removing toxins from your body. Drinking plenty of healthy water is the most effective way to remove all toxins from your body. As a result, Waiakea’s Premium Quality Water proves to be helpful.

#5 Improves Metabolism

The health of your digestive system is directly related to your metabolism. Effective Metabolism involves the easy conversion of carbohydrates and proteins into energy and the subsequent distribution of energy throughout the body. A high metabolic rate facilitates the conversion of food into energy. Drinking water on an empty stomach is the key to achieving this goal.

#6 Naturally Glowing Skin

Glowy skin is what we all want, right? We all do! It is important to have healthy blood flow to have glowing skin. Waiakea Water keeps the blood flowing and removes toxins from the body, giving your skin a youthful glow. When your blood flow is not healthy, you may end up with wrinkles and dark patches that you probably don’t want to see on your skin.

#7 Stronger Hair

There is a possibility that your hair will become brittle and dry if you don’t drink enough water. The first thing you should do is change the water you drink in order to improve your hair’s quality and strength. Healthy water is a carrier in transporting vitamins and nutrients to the hair, making it stronger.

Alkaline Water vs. Plain Drinking Water

Waiakea Alkaline Water VS Plain Water

Do you also need clarification about which water is good to drink; Alkaline or Normal Tap Water? Well, every individual has their opinions. But one can not ignore the increased popularity of Alkaline Water.

So let’s understand what water is good for our health and our environment. Along with what factors make Alkaline water different from other water types.

Elevated PH Levels

An alkaline filtration system increases the pH level in water; as a result, water becomes alkaline, fulfilling the body’s needs. It helps to manage the acidic impact of the meals we have daily. Our stomachs have an in-built acidic pH, and when you drink alkaline waiakea water, it produces hydrochloric acid, which is further equated by the present bicarbonates.

No Virulent Contaminants

Unlike Plain Water, Alkaline water does not contain harmful pollutants or virulent contaminants. Plain Drinking Water includes many poisonous chemicals, such as Chlorine, Phosphorus, Lead, Copper, etc., that may lead to severe health problems.

Mostly, tap water’s arsenic levels have adhered to some strict rules. But as per the WHO report, people who drink plain water get easily exposed to toxins that are further responsible for causing Cancer and other waterborne diseases.

Production of Antioxidant Fluids

Alkaline Waiakea water is most commonly popular for its antioxidant properties. This happens due to the pH and ORP relationship. It’s well-known that high-pH water contains more corrosion inhibitors, resulting in healthy, drinkable water. In contrast, low-pH water has extra oxidizing agents, making plain water less healthy to drink.

From this, you can conclude why you should choose Alkaline Water over Plain Drinking Water. However, before starting to drink alkaline water, ensure that you consult your doctor.

Where to Buy Waiakea Water?

In this internet era, anything you can get online, and Waiākea® is no exception to it. And the best place to buy it is none other than its official website – Waiakea.

Want to explore other alternatives, check Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, StopAndShop, Heb, etc. You can compare the prices here and grab the best deal.

Consider checking whether your nearby store is offering Waiakea alkaline water. Just to get the estimate.


A lot to digest! Right?

Through this article, I tried to cover all the essential points related to Waiakea water so that it would become easier for you all to come to any conclusion.

However, every individual has a different body type, and one should never forget about this. So before shifting to any new product, it is always advisable to take advice from a physician.

As per the Waiakea alkaline water reviews, you can start drinking by considering all the above-mentioned benefits.

Lastly, make your decision wisely, as a healthy life is always better than following bad habits.


1. Where is Waiakea water sourced?

Ans – The water comes from the Kea’au aquifer, which is situate at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

2. What are the other types of drinking water? 

Ans – Besides Alkaline, there are almost eight types of drinking water – Tap, Mineral, Spring or Glacier, Sparkling, Distilled, Purified, Flavoured or Infused, and Well.

3. What are other brands of alkaline water?

Ans – The most popular alkaline water brands are Core, Evamor, Essentia, 1907, and Dirty Lemon.

4. How do you pronounce waiakea water?

Ans – Different people pronounce it differently. Here are some right ways to pronounce Waiakea; Waiakea (vye-uh-keh-uh), Waiakea (vye-UH-keh-uh), and Waiakea (vy-uh-keh-uh). Similarly, you can pronounce water in two ways; wah-ter and waw-ter.

5. What does waiakea mean?

Ans – In Hawaiian, it means broad waters. It got its name from the ancient subdivision (ahupua’a) in Hilo, which is present on the Big Island, storing rainwater for 360 days every year.

6. Is waiakea alkaline water really from Hawaii?

Ans – Yes. From Mauna Loa volcano Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water originates, having a source connected with a deep well (which is owned by a family) present on the Big Island, outside of Hilo.

Hope you like this Waiakea Water Review by Chloe Blake

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