Is Snapchat Not Working? Try These Tested Solutions!

In this blog you will learn about snapchat not working issue. We have discussed in-depth solution about it so don’t move keep reading.

Introduction & App History

Snapchat is a combination of Snap and chat. Snap is when we take or send a picture or a video. Chat is where we can talk or share our thoughts or ideas with our others by typing. Through Snapchat, we can do both. 

Three students of Stanford University, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown together created Snapchat. It was liked by people for showcasing a new mobile aided application for social media stressing user interaction with virtual stickers and augmented reality objects.

Snapchat was launched in 2011 and has reached a great height and become one of the top social media platforms in the whole world. It has grown socially and financially. It has developed the experience of AR(Augmented Reality) which is recently in a boom. in starting of 2011, snapchat not working properly due to some bugs or beta testing.

Snapchat Not Working Issue

Nowadays many people are connected with their friends and family through various life changing apps. One of the most useful and popular apps binding people is Snapchat. Around 280 Billion users have downloaded this app all over the world.

According to research, in May 2014, Snapchat’s users were sending and receiving around 700 million snaps in a single day. Other social sites were shocked by seeing the popularity of Snapchat. 

A wide range of people is using Snapchat as it provides the advantage of chatting as well as we can also take pictures with different filters through it. Snapchat Streaks are highly admired and pleasurable among today’s youth.

Snapchat is totally free of cost. One can download and can send snaps or messages to their friends or family without spending a single penny. It is one of the most private apps used to share pictures from person to person.

Why Is Snapchat Not Working?

Many people face issues while operating Snapchat. Firstly, you should check that this issue is only with you or others who are also facing the same issue. Because Snapchat goes down several times as it provides multiple functionalities in a single app.

Snapchat is an enjoyable way to be in touch with people we admire and love. If that is not working then one can feel that he is out of the loop. It has become an addiction as people send daily streaks. 

There are many possible ways that are stopping Snapchat from working. Below mentioned are a few possible reasons Why Snapchat Not Working? 

Due To The Implementation Of New Features

New features are continuously emerging in order to improve its already existing functionality. Snapchat helps to send messages, photos, and videos but the new feature which came out is “My places”.

Moreover, Dark mode enabled in Snapchat is making people crazy as it extends their battery life. The performance of an app also occasionally depends on the development of the latest aspects applied in any app.

New Bitmoji reactions are introduced day by day which helps people to show their emotions in a better way. People get tired and less interested if they use the same features for a long time. Hence, new features should be implemented.

There are two sides to the coin. Similarly, implementing new features is a great norm as it requires creativity to think about what new should be implemented to keep people attracted but on the same side, it can be a foremost reason for not working on Snapchat. 

Is Snapchat Down?

Outage Maps May Have Cramped Certain Regions

The location sharing feature on Snapchat is OFF by default but you can use it and can share the location where you are at that moment. 

Snapchat has restricted certain regions and would not give its service to those restricted areas. Below shown are the areas from where Snapchat users have officially announced their problems faced and outages.

This is one of the serious issues and still tons of people are facing problems while accessing Snapchat. Below is the graph stating problem reports in the last 24 hours.

Poor Network Connection

Poor network quality may occur due to network routers or overload of network appliances with much traffic. If the network is bad then Snapchat or any other app would not work accordingly and would result in a “Could not connect” error message.

Snapchat requires a good amount of internet speed to make it work smoothly. Hence, you should investigate whether your internet bandwidth is high and proper or it is low causing the network error.

How To Fix Snapchat?

Is your Snapchat not working? Stay positive. It is possible to fix Snapchat by following a few tested scenarios.

Clear All Cache File

All the apps download media and other types of data without checking their accuracy. Snapchat may not work if the downloaded file is corrupt and full of viruses. Hence, we need to clear all cache files.

In Snapchat, Cache files can be cleared by clicking on profile -> settings -> Clear Cache(in Account Actions)

Check Your Internet Connection

You should always be sure that your internet connection is good and fast. Mostly internet speed goes low in few areas. You can also connect to wifi if your cellular data is poor. Snapchat often stops working if you are using any third party apps like VPN. Hence, disable your VPN while accessing Snapchat. 

An optimal internet connection will solve half the problem automatically. Bad networks take time to load which makes users impatient. You can also check whether your internet is working by searching anything on internet explorer or chrome browser. If your snapchat not working properly due to internet connection, you should try airplane mode once. 

Frequently Update Your App

It is important to update all apps. Sometimes, apps do not automatically update. As a result, the version you are using is old. As a result, it is not compatible with the operating system that is already on your device.

Open the Google Play Store or App Store to update Snapchat. After updating, log in to the app and it will work smoothly as it was working earlier.

Check Server Status

One of the most possible causes of glitches in Snapchat can be the problem with their servers. So it’s good to check if Snapchat servers are working fine or not. If the servers are not working properly we need to wait until the issue gets sort out.

A server connection is responsible for around 26% of the problems.

Turn It Off And On Again

If your snapchat not working properly and others working well, you should turn it off and on again. Restarting the device can be a fruitful way to make things better. To resolve the issue, you can log off and log in again.

Rebooting your app can be a simple and effective way to solve this issue. You need to just long-press the power button to open the power menu and click on reboot.

Additionally, uninstalling the app can also resolve the issue. You can then install Snapchat and log in with existing credentials. If you missed any snap then that might be waiting for you. Don’t panic that you will miss the unseen snap.

Accept All Permissions

You need permissions to enable cameras, location, contacts, etc. Often, we skip accepting a few permissions in a hurry resulting in the unavailability of that particular service.

Sometimes it happens that when you want to open a camera, you will get a black screen. The reason behind it is that you have not given permission to use the camera on Snapchat. 

Therefore, one should enable all the permissions by clicking on profile -> Settings -> permissions (in Privacy). Click on Tap To Enable and you can modify the permissions set from here.

Clear Past Conversations

Due to past conversation sometimes happens that your snapchat not work properly. In spite of that, chats automatically disappear after a limited period of time. You can also manually delete all the chats and snaps which can be a useful way of Snapchat working efficiently as you can get extra free space which increases the speed of the app.

You will be able to delete all of your open and pending conversations. However, you can find a clear conversation in Settings-> Privacy -> Clear Conversation. 

If the issue is still there, you can try removing your friends from the list by clicking on My Friends -> More -> remove friend -> remove. You can add all your friends again after removing them.

Contact Snapchat Support Team

After trying all the above mentioned points if you are still facing difficulty while accessing Snapchat, you can contact their support team. There is a clear explanation of the problem. 

You can call the toll-free helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or can chat online. Calling and chatting are available in both English and French languages. 

You can also follow a few links given like change password, change a username, forgot password, and many more. Go to settings -> Support -> I Need Help -> Contact UsIf your snapchat not working properly and you tried your best to work this app, you have a last option to contact support team of Snapchat App.Other Blogs From Voice Life Media