QC Shoes: Unlocking Fashion & Style (2024 Ultimate Guide)


QC Shoes well known for their superior quality and reliability, standing as a beacon of elegance and comfort. By  the way, Well-known brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, and Reebok have covered most of the current shoe industry. On the other hand, a new brand called “ON” came into the market recently and succeeded in conquering the market. ON is giving a tough competition to the established brands. Overall, ON is capable of competing with the business’s top brands.

QC stands for Quality Control. The main intention of ON is to provide the best quality of shoes. In addition to this, the brand also focuses on its design and style.

Additionally, ON is a Swiss-based athletic shoe company founded in 2010. ON designs and deals in sporty running QC shoes and other apparel. 

The first achievement of the ON was the Cloudracer, a performance footwear product. Gold medalist Nicola Spirig suggested this product. Swiss Tennis Professional Roger Federer was one of the shareholders in ON company in 2019. The company also declared an IPO in 2021.

The company targets the youth. The brand also focuses on complete apparel and accessories. Sports shoes, T-Shirt, Track pants, Hoodies, Sweatshirt, Tops, headwear, jackets, shorts, socks, tights, etc are the range in which the ON brand deals. 

Key Features of QC Shoes

  • An excellent design. 
  • Stylish
  • Laceable
  • Long-lasting
  • Air-tight
  • Totally waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Designed for walking and running
  • Beautiful
  • Special Cushioning is used which is long-lasting
  • CloudTec® Technology

How to Choose the Right QC Shoes (ON)

Foot Type and Size

Find out your foot type (e.g., pronated, supinated, neutral) and size. ON Running features a variety of models that adapt to various foot types.

Activity Type

Choose the primary activity for which you will use shoes. You can find this on shoes for running, walking, hiking, and everyday wear.

Cushioning Level

ON Running provides shoes with varying levels of cushioning, from minimalist to highly cushioned, to suit different needs. So before buying, Consider your preference for cushioning.

Footwear Weight

ON Running offers lightweight or slightly heavier shoes. It’s up to you. You can choose it according to your preference.


Make sure you find QC shoes within your budget that have the qualities you need.

Return Policy and Warranty

Familiarize yourself with ON Running’s return policy and warranty terms in case you need to make a return or request a replacement.

QC Shoes Care and Maintenance

Regular Cleaning

Regularly wipe your On running shoes to get rid of dirt, grit, and debris. Gently wipe away surface grime with a sponge or rag.


If your boots leak, air dry them overnight at an ambient heat. Don’t let your shoes get too hot.

Observe Brand Guidelines.

Ensure that you adhere to the product’s guidelines. There are different care requirements for different materials and shoe types.

Insoles and Inserts

You should let your QC Tennis Shoes air out separately if they have removable insoles or inserts.

Professional Cleaning and Repair

If your QC shoes are heavily soiled or damaged, consider taking them to a professional shoe cleaner or cobbler for expert cleaning and repair.

Odor Control

To combat odor, sprinkle baking soda or use specialized shoe deodorizers inside your shoes when you’re not wearing them. Allow them to sit overnight before wearing them again.

Specialized Cleaning

For specialized materials like mesh or knit uppers, follow care instructions for those materials. Depending on the type, you may be able to machine wash some, while you may need to hand wash others

Top 05 Mens QC Shoes

#1. On Men’s Cloud 5 Sneakers

On Men's Cloud 5 QC Shoes

The Cloud 5 QC shoes Mens is specially made light in weight. The product is environmentally friendly, has taped reinforcements, and is antimicrobial and breathable. Furthermore, 44 percent of the material is recycled. There’s also a classic laces system and a speed lacing system.


  • It consists of synthetic overlays for structural support
  • On Shoes have a removable insole
  • Lightweight and easygoing
  • Flexible Cloudtech sole and Dual-density insole


$ 150.99

Where to buy 

 Amazon, Flipkart, ON-running, etc. 

#2. ON Men’s low top QC Shoes

On Men's low top QC Shoes

The ON Men’s low top is one of the exceptional shoes of this brand. The fitting style and quality of these shoes is incomparable. It also consists of zero-gravity foam. The sole is made up of rubber. The pattern of the shoes is solid. The shoes are casual. Make sure to wipe it with a dry cloth. It is made in Vietnam.

Special Features

  • It consists of round-toe
  • It is a performance mesh fabric
  • Reflective logo details
  • Lace-up closure
  • It consists of round toe and mesh 


$ 155.27 to $ 202.39

Where to buy 


#3. ON Running Men’s Cloudflyer Textile Synthetic Trainers

ON Running Men's Cloudflyer Textile Synthetic Trainers

On Men’s cloudflyer Textile QC shoes are best for runners.  Fitness freaks need these shoes. Among the largest cloud elements, the latest cloud flyer has the softest tongue. This shoe is about comfort with extra foam, a specialized speed board, and a 3D-molded heel.

Special features

  • It consists of a rubber sole
  • Imported sole
  • Stylish design


$ 183.05 to $ 222.19

Where to buy 


#4. On Men’s Cloud Drift Sneakers

On Men's Cloud Drift QC Shoes

One of the best performance mashes is On’s Cloud Drift sneakers. Among the ON brands, it’s got one of the best designs. It lands softly on the heels and rolls with the feet. With speedboards, you can stroll or run fast in the Cloud Drift QC shoes. Whenever you wear Clouds Drift, you can’t forget it.

Special features

  • It consists of a rubber sole
  • It has reflective logo details
  • The material consists of a lace-up closure
  • Rubber trim feature


$ 167.22 to $ 194.23

Where to buy 


#5. ON Men’s Cloud Terry Sneakers

On Men's Cloud Terry Sneakers

The key feature of this product is Fabric performance knit. The Cloud 5 series has used the best fabric to date. In every situation, it creates comfort. It uses special CloudTec Technology with zero-gravity foams and special landings. Basically, it will keep you feeling light on your feet all day long.

Special features

  • Best Fabric performance knit
  • It is one of the most lightweight design 
  • It is made mainly for athletics
  • It has a cushioned collar and super-soft insole


$ 149.22 to $ 208.23

Where to buy 


Top 05 Women QC Shoes

#1. ON Women Cloud X Sneakers

ON Women Cloud X Sneakers

womens qc shoes are typical for a woman who likes regular walking. Furthermore, These sneakers are made for day-to-day use. It has a performance-based rubber mash.

Special Features 

  • Best rubber sole
  • The foam has a zero-gravity
  • The added feature is that it has reflective details of night visibility
  • It has a Speed lacing system with a signature


 $ 140.22 to $ 198.23

Where to buy 


#2. ON Women Cloud 5 Sneakers

ON Women Cloud 5 QC Shoes

This types of QC Shoes includes a speed lace signature lacing system. Women love wearing these shoes because they are comfortable. Removable insoles are available. It experiences serious comfort with patented CloudTec cushioning with zero gravity foam. It is light in weight and environment friendly. 

Special features

  • It has a very lightweight design
  • The collar is cushioned
  • Cloud soles are patented
  • It is imported and has an added mash


     $ 134.87 to $ 185.35

Where to buy 


#3. ON Running Women’s Cloudflow Mesh Rock Rose Trainers

ON Running Women's Cloudflow Mesh Rock Rose Trainers

One of the most advantageous features of these QC shoes is that they have a shaft that measures about the ankle from the arch. You can run with elite-level technology with the cloudflow. If you are training or competing, the engineered mesh upper provides a reassuringly secure fit.

Special Features

  • It is an adaptive and supportive engineering mesh mesh upper with seamless synthetic overlays
  • Specially made breathable textile lining for comfort
  • It consists of a removable mesh line
  • Perforated foam insole for cushioning and support
  • Cloudtech Cushioning technology
  • It has a unique, lightweight, and zero-gravity foam sole


     $ 136.89 

Where to buy 


#4. ON Women Cloud Swift Sneakers

ON Women Cloud Swift Sneakers

ON Women, Cloud Swift sneakers are made especially for women who are doing regular workouts. These QC shoes have a round toe. It is typically made for women. They are the most comfortable shoes. Redesigned speed board and extreme rocker outsole optimize natural rolling motion for smooth, effortless power.

Special Features

  • Cloudtech Cushioning technology
  • Specially made lightweight design
  • Like other shoes, it also has Fabric performance mesh
  • It has a rubber Sole
  • Patented CloudTech Sole technology


$ 182.89- $216.47 

Where to buy 


#5. ON Women Cloud X3 Sneakers

ON Women Cloud X3 Sneakers

The main aim of Cloud X3 sneakers is for running purposes. If you run and work every day, then you need Cloud X3 Sneakers. QC shoes are best in speed, focus, and intensity. You can’t beat the lightness and responsiveness of these shoes. Weight, agility, and versatility are all pushed to new limits by the cloud x3. Every workout, every run, you’ll be able to react, respond, and crush.

Special Features

  • Cloudtech Cushioning technology
  • This shoe has a special feature called Helion TM Superfoam injected CloudTec Sole
  • Engineered specially for multifunctional athletes 
  • It also has reflective accents throughout


$ 138.99- $162.17 

Where to buy 


ON Brand’s QC Shoes alternatives

#1. Nike

Nike is a U.S. sports footwear and apparel company. The headquarters is in Beaverton, Oregon. It was founded as “Blue Ribbon Sports” on 25th January 1964. It later became Nike Inc. on 30th May 1971. The company is the foremost supplier of sports shoes. It has acquired and sold several shoe companies over the period. Nike has over 700 shops and is available in 45 countries outside America.

#2. Puma

Puma is a German footwear company. It is the largest manufacturing footwear company in the world. It is a global company that deals in a wide range of sportswear and other apparel. Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany, is the headquarters. Rudolf Dassler founded the company in 1948. Ugandan hurdles champion John Aki Bua wore Puma shoes during the 1972 Summer Olympics.

#3. Reebok

Once, it was a top competitor of QC shoes. But over time, this brand climbed to the top. By The way, Reebok Inc. is a leading clothing and fitness brand. In 1958, Authentic Brands Group, a British company, founded the brand. Earlier, it was a companion company to J. W. Fosters and Sons. Founded in 1895, it was a sports goods company. Adidas acquired the company in 2005.

#4. Adidas

Adidas is a German company that manufactures athletic footwear. Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany, is the company’s headquarters. Among the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world, the company ranks second in Europe and the second in the world. Adolf Dassler started the company. In July 1924, the company was founded. There are more than 300 stores around the world.


Q. What are ON Running’s QC Shoes?

These shoes are stylish, robust, comfortable, durable, resistant to water, lace-up easy, well-cushioned, and well-suited for walking and running.

Q. What is ON running, and what sets it apart from the other shoe brands?

ON running shoes deals with the best sports shoe products. Apart from shoes, they are also dealing with all types of apparel. It utilizes an exclusive cushioning technology. ON Shoes also deals with a Patented technology called CloudTec. “ON ” has a unique feature called a “Speed Lacing System” which other brands don’t have. You can retie the knots at the other ends if you need tighter laces. The brand says their shoes are best for trekking and hiking.

Q. Do On Running QC Shoes come with a warranty?

All the ON Products come with a warranty. The Warranty varies from product to product. All products have a different life span, depending on their material, model, and individual use. The warranty does not apply to wrong fit, wear, improper use of the product, etc.  On our website, customers can fill out a warranty claim form. 

Q. How does On Running maintain quality control in their shoe manufacturing process?

ON running shoes use a unique patented technology called “CloudTec”. They use engineering technology to deliver supreme take-offs and soft landings. They used a cyclone initiative for bio bio-based products. It has received several awards.

Q.  On Running QC Shoes refund and exchanging policy?

ON shoes gladly return and exchange if it is applied within 30 days of purchase. We even cover the cost of the return with Terms and Conditions. You have to fill out a return or exchange form.